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New Marbles Which Sort Of Look Old


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I see what you're saying. I wondered about that too. That's still my best guess. Maybe some runs did have it. Michelangelo runs were different from year to year. Maybe Hurricane runs were also?

Well, I really don't know. So I won't keep trying to convince you! :)

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As a newbie still... I saw a pic of Kelly Schmidt's (Schmidtglass) work -- a box set of striped opaques and guineas -- and TOTALLY thought they were CAC!

(I also don't have any CAC guineas or stripes of any sort to compare to yet, so there's that...)

But I just got one of his guineas in the mail yesterday ~






I think I'll need to get a striped from him eventually, too!


Anyway... yeah that box set really threw me! Couple screenshots of the set that threw me, from a public FB group -- didn't realize "Set #2" meant a set that he actually MADE!!!! Had thought it was a CAC set he just put together to sell... I was mistaken!






And then I found out, no no no, he actually made those marbles! 😄

And another box set of his I saw later after I joined his FB group. Super cool!!!



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Its really amazing how vintage some vacors look. If anyone ever wanted to put pics together side by side of modern look alikes and their vintage counterpart would be helpfull i think. I would try but probably end up putting moderns bedide moderns. I like the topic . Cheers for all input

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