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New Marbles Which Sort Of Look Old

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Here's a thread for the benefit of newbies and maybe not so newbies.

What examples do you have and/or know about of marbles which you think could be mistaken for old?

Here are a couple of my favorites, these pix from Schusserland.de.

Clownfish sometimes taken to be Master:


And not sure of the name, but some like the two-seamers in this batch have been questioned in the past as possibly vintage:


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A little slow tonight. Hope no one minds if I try to get some more action in this topic.

Some "Imperials". Some with strands of oxblood-looking color, at least one with aventurine.


And some of Vacor's modern clay marbles:


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Good idea.

Bennett Reproduction Comics on Modern Marble King Rainbows vs. Original Picture Marbles on Peltier Peerless Patches

Here are the pix from the recent thread discussing them. The first to show the two patches on the 1990's reproductions. The 2nd to show that the new images differ in varying degrees from the originals.



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This is a clip from a Vacor pic posted by Sandy. Is it the same style as the one at the bottom of Albert's photo. I think some of its kin have been mistaken for Pelt Cubscouts. I don't know the style name of this one. Any help on getting that name would be appreciated. Thanks.


update: I've been informed that it is called a Wave Breaker.

If that's correct, it is another example of a style which has varied significantly over time. This is the Wave Breaker example from emarbles.com.


further update: Apparently that name is still uncertain. Another possibility is Van Gogh.

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Vacor "Old Fashion"

Here's the pic from emarbles.com. Other colors are available also. I'll try to get some more pix to show more variation. That's a tricky thing about Vacors - how variable a single style can be, with some looking more nearly vintage and some being more obviously new.


Here's more of the same. Still looking for a pic showing brown ones at least.


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Here are some more Vacors patches which I think could be taken for old. Sometimes the cutlines are v-shaped and it's easy to guess that they're modern. But when the cutlines are straighter they start to look more like Akros and Vitros.

Interesting-looking variations exist but we don't often see them on the boards, so I don't know how common they are. That's one of the downfalls of vintage collecting - we collect VINTAGE. We don't know all that much about the modern ones. Always a surprise coming forward.


(Schmoozer posted. I think he found them on the web.)

Here's another set. I'm not sure if these are Vacor. However, they are foreign. Chris posted them.


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Vacor Sunsets

I believe these are an example. It's Joeager's photo, which he posted for ID. It shows a lot of the variation. I think there are still others. For example, I need to confirm but I believe I remember some which were practically all white.


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oh wow, yeah, that one is a great example!

I don't know that I would have guessed new on that one. I think probably I would have guessed old. Yeah, double checking, I'm pretty sure I would have guessed older.

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