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I Bought A Bag Of Marbles,,,

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Its fresh stuff!

I just love the purple ones in the group.They would look good in a "coffin" box.

Out of the group,there are 8 that are not mint.

There are still many marble to go through,some nice masters,alley's.Might get to it this after noon,,,,,,,,,

Could be a good reason to go to Decatur,,,,,,,,HMMMMMMMMMMMMM,,,,

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It was just one of those things.I didnt go there for marbles.Not in the ad,in the paper.

Every time I go to an auction,its 15 people,willing to pay $100 for a jars of newer marbles.If they are advertised,and there good ones,unless its a group of marble "buddies",they are going for the max,+++++++!!!!(as it should be,cause as a seller,collusion sucks)

I did pick up a nice vitro,hybrid cat eye bag,today,but it just didnt quite have the "sparkle",of yesterdays,accident,,,,,,

Hey Catfish,it was a song,a dance,and I had to run around the block,4 times!!And on the lighter side,the auction was right next to a fish hatchery.

Doing more sorting right now,and its getting even better.

You guys dont want too see them,do you?

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Ok,here's the rest of them.

I did have 7 of the alley patches.The rest came from the bag.


Some akro patches.A couple of the red on yellow have the black line of aventurine.

So do most of the green patches.


Nice group of masters,,,


There was a few handmades,,,


These have some problems,and the jar is the left overs,,



And another marble bag,,,


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