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German Machinary

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About 2-3 months ago,i turned this problem over to a special marble detective. Lots of letters have came back,some leads and some new info. Still in the works,ongoing. Research has a lot of dead ends but one live end can sometimes solve it. I may have to send another payment of marbles to the detective,to keep them on the payroll,LOL!

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Very Nice marbles and marble pictures.

Those earlier pics I sized to small -

The bin thats so full is an unsorted compartant straight out the cabinet. So theres some stuff in there dont belong and could be a cat. For the most part they are all german sparklers=(cateyes)(the ones I think you are talking about), lot of "ox" in those types. but they could be anything in there.

The second smaller container, those were all bought in one lot. on the cheap if I remember right.


when we do get some info, I think 1935 -1965 and a whole lot more manufacturers than here, probably Euro countries other than jus Germany. Smaller countrys usually means smaller scale operations usually means more of em.

fun in the sun 026.JPG


Winnie I love those transparents too.

I had started to post that on many, simplicity of design was one of the attracters for me and that White/Black(purple) one is a beaut. Then you posted the same in another thread.


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Aal right I dont know a 9 vane cateye from a possums pe..er

we talking about one of these?

9 vane MC thread

http://marbleconnection.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=13246&view=&hl=9 vane cateye&fromsearch=1#

nice cats


edit: 95% or better of what I believe to be german came from Germany.

In the pic above and below everything is german(euro) except those Czechs.

..........................................................Yea I know them too

euro - see the big blue patch in the pic. above(that ya think aint german) that milky clear with the white stripes/vanes right of it, those I think are probably 1960ish = speculation

adding a pic.

varying styles and probably manufacturers of those, and some earlier yrs mixed in this lot (they came together)

fun in the sun 034.JPG

ya see the clear white christensen/not dont ya. lol

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According to Castle & Peterson the nine vane cat's-eye in one color and in three colors was made in a limited production in Japan. They had difficulty producing this marble according to C&P. David

Thank you David,I couldn't find that book. Castle & Peterson my favorite too.Great marbles,now I need to find some. :)

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Al, the yellow one I've found in an antikstore in Schleusingen, Thüringen, the two reds in Holland, they look simulair, I don't think they are US-made, but German.

Just found these two old "Germans" in Holland, in a jar with more old hand- and machinemades. Nice catch I think?



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You can go to this site (babelfish) and get a sort of translation of that page. It is in Dutch. Just add the web address tell it to translate & you get a sort of translated version.


This is my rough translation of the copy ---

Czech Republic "gone astray" marble, but found in the Netherlands. These marbles were made in the Czech Republic. This type is an older machine made marble, certainly very rare  in the Netherlands. They were made in a mold, in the same way as older marbles were made. For this reason these marbles become also called " Bulletmolds". It seems the two halves of the marbles are stuck on each other, which is not however the case.

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