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Hi Folks,

I just visited the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park near Grand Rapids, Michigan, earlier today to take in a special exhibit by glass artist Dale Chihuly. It was a beautiful morning for viewing the exhibition called "A New Eden" - a wonderful melding of nature, flowers, sculpture and glass in absolutely gorgeous gardens. I highly recommend it. Here are a few pictures. I hope you enjoy. -Ric


















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Dale's studio is here in WA... there's a local tavern here that has his first works on display. the ones he did himself. any pieces any more are done in his 'studio' by other artists (sigh). he also collected old accordians!(and indian blankets) there's even a Mcdonalds here that displays his stuff.lol it's everywhere. fascinating and beautiful for sure. the museum of glass,(mentioned in the seattle show thread) is awesome. I'm telling ya, ya gotta make it up here. lol the ceiling in the belagio hotel in vegas is all art glass from chihuly studios as well. he's an interesting guy! i love the orange and red tree!!!

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He visited Indianapolis Childrens Museum a few years ago. They have a glass ceiling that is an under the sea scene. They also have one of his "horn" sculptures which is about 60 feet high. You lie on couches to view it. Worth the visit and $ 2 admission. Also, I was most impressed with a video of Dale helping a group of young kids with their artworks which were a kind of liquid paint on large pieces of paper

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Thanks so much Ric!!! The pictures are wonderful!!!

For the longest time, I couldn't understand the big deal about Chihuly...

Yes, I liked the colors and designs... But, it wasn't until I saw his work displayed as he sees it in nature... Then, it all made sense!!!

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