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Anyone Else Having Trouble Loading Pix?


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I tried to load something to the gallery and couldn't.

Two people have recently said something about not being able to load pix. I'm not sure if they were trying to load attachments or what the file size was.

... but ... is anyone else having trouble with pix? If you can load pix maybe you can post one here and taunt me with it. lol

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For the last couple of weeks, I've had problems.

Firstly, it won't allow more than one attachment.

Secondly, when I click on "Load this attachment", nothing happens.

I did succeed once in the test forum, but could only add an image

by going back and using the editor.

My last attempt was an image only 43K in size, but I was told the

file was too large. Otherwise, there is only the message "upload failed".

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hehe. I feel so taunted.

I can post from Photobucket.


I get an error message on gallery and attachments. But the problem has been reported to support. Hopefully it will be okay soon.

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From Photobucket did you try to copy the code which says img on one end and /img on the other (with brackets around the img)?

That's how I load things from Photobucket. I either type the img code myself or I copy that line from the Photobucket options.

Edit: Nevermind, I see you figured it out. (alright!)

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This was the support reply.


Some of the users are saying things that make no sense.. Like uploading pictures from Photobucket. And, what do they mean they weren't able to attach it as a thumbnail?

Ok.. Had to get hosting involved in this.. They switched the server to run FCGI about 2 days ago.. RIGHT as I got it working the last time. And the max upload size was set to about 128k on it..

I got them to correct that problem, now I am able to upload to the gallery.. But, the other attaching files from photobucket, and attaching as thumbnail, I don't exactly know what they mean by that.

Give some clearer examples.


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Steph, I tried the code with brackets, etc. in the exotics thread. No luck. I had just gotten used to the old way of browsing to the image. Why did they do away with that? It was really quite easy. This board is going to get really boring without pictures.

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