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My post was not referring to you but more generally.

I know most collectors do not like cats,in fact a few years ago i had an aversion of cat;'s myself.

Well as you can see that has changed,i enjoy to make pictures of them.

Nice Vitro's Marboman.

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The Vitros are nice, and I'll bet in-hand the 7/8 size is perfect.

And winnie's photo is just crazy-good with the 3D lighting.

Whenever I actually manage to take a photo which both shows

the marble well technically, and has a good 'artsy' look to it, I

don't have much use for the marble anymore. I don't know if

that's weird or not. I sort of figure I've gotten 90% of my potential

enjoyment, so the only logical peace/love/understanding thing to

do is pass it on to someone else who might also get 90% from it.

Closest I'm ever going to get to achieving perpetual motion! ( :


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Kbob - I love the photo composition and it IS a great book.

Marboman - Are most of the Vitros in your phot what are known as "cosmic rainbows"? Are they considered catseye types?

Jeeper - Stunning!

Winne - as always your photos are beautiful and I agree that cats photograph very well.

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No hurt feelings here, I didn't collect cats-eyes at first either. After I saw what some marbles cost I saw cat-eyes as an alternative to higher priced vintage marbles and some are bringing good prices now only a few years later. Yes the Cosmic Rainbows are horse-shoe cats, it's kind of hard to tell without looking at them closley in hand. Thanks for asking, great marbles everyone.

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