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Ebay As A Wholesale Market

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Is Ebay a wholesale market? How many of you including myself have bought marbles on Ebay in order to resell them at shows,..... on your internet store?..... In your bricks and morter store?......or elsewhere? I have bought mibs on ebay many times and sold them for a profit many times what I have paid. What about you? I would like your opinion on this. Thanks so much

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I paid $20 for a lot full of beautiful Akros -- with slippery wet mint ades and oxbloods. I don't remember what I got for them in all. But one of the marbles sold for $80.

It was a lot no one bid on because of the fuzzy pictures.

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'Respect' to Steph! :music-rocker-001:

I used to try buying with the 'fuzzy picture technique', but

for me it always turned out there was a reason for the fuzziness. :angry:

Ultimately, I think I'llhavethat1 has the right idea.

'Good transactions' are what it's all about. Everyone's happy.

And wadely1212 brings up a good point. Even something that

seems like a really big 'score' isn't always as satisfying as it looks.

I remember one time Galen got a lot of flack for saying something

along the lines of his 'enjoying the entire process'. I think there

were some people who decided that enjoying the transactions

had to mean that there was no real appreciation for the marbles.

Didn't understand that. No connection at all, and there're so many

different aspects to all this stuff, why not enjoy them all?

(Just don't tell a widow who's trying to save her farm that you can't

possibly give her more than $50 for a marble you already know

you can sell for $2000. Then you're a piece of @#$%.)

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Before I got a good camera with macro capability, my pics of small items were usually fuzzy because I got too close and could not get the pic sharp due to the poor quality of the camera and lense I was using and I'm sure that there are many sellers who are just selling a few items and do not feel the need to invest, or don't have the funds to invest in the proper camera and lense for the job. When I see fuzzy pics and there is time I just make sure to email the owners about dings and damage to the mibs before I decide if I am going to bid on them. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove to me otherwise.

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I do share your contempt for the person who offers $50 to the widow with the $2,000 mib. Even if the buyer is broke at the time, there are ways to share the profits with the lady where she gets a fair amount and the buyer gets a fair amount. Some people think that if the seller names the price it is alright to just keep their mouths shut about the actual value of the item and just pay and get out with the spoils. I just can't do that. I'm one that has to say.....this is what you have.....this is what its worth....and this is what I'll pay....

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well I have been on the bay since 1998 and for sure there are always great deals on the bay . Just have to be willing to bid and bid ofter even if you do not even think you will get it . there are a few that stick out one being a 1.250 plus moss agate ade . it was a lot of 257 marbles and on one bid but me . $49.00 . sold off some and kept the rest . I even bought my Bronzed marble trophy on the bay from a Bob Block auction that was one to remember . here are a few pics of the 257 lot to me it looked like most from a 350 box but the best even that for some reason the big one was in a Box ? the thought of the story still make me think what a story it would tell . O also the rare akro box I sold to Hansel was in with a Wolverine toy and it was a freak as the Seller had it listed twice so I had to bid and win both auctions . Mike

I kept so many I even had to make another tall cabinet as I still keep all what I think would make a 350 box missing on a few .

well there were a lot of pictures in the 257 lot auction and I save them so I how the slide shows what I could see to bid on . Mike





this is the big moss agate ade patch is not in the same cabinet as the others .


so yes I even sell lots on the bay and know others split them up but as I know that if you want a deal you have to give a deal . Mike

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