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Found At The Sistersville Alley Factory Site


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Nice to know that about Winnie's blue one top center. I had never seen that particular color combo with lutz or aventurine from Sistersville. I only know it as from the St.Marys site.

The cullet and these marbles have been found at the Alley St.Marys site.



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Ron, Now you have me thinking about Winnie's marble and the one you posted. I was thinking Winnie's looked like a weaker example of that big bad AV I got in that first small group of Sistersville's - you know the one. But it looks a lot like the one you posted, which is odd. Maybe you could bring that one along for comparison?

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So many beauties here!

In Steph's construction-worker marbles, I'm kind of fond of the little green one.

(3rd. and 4th. photos, top row center.)

I like the way the black has a mind of its own and doesn't always follow the pattern.

Here's my marble which relates to Winnie's and Ron's.

I don't know anything about it, but just in case it's worth posting here for comparison.

There's a tiny hint of a golden-yellow glow in the black at great magnification,

but in hand it just looks black.



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