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Veiligglas Wirepull's

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After a small study,I finally was able to divide the Wirepulls in different type's.

As I see it there are three different type's,and then there are also the various wirepulls that do not fit into these three types,they are uncommon.

Type #1--has a clear glass base with a colored ribbon followed by a white ribbon.

This picture shows the nine different colors I've seen sofar.

Yellow--purple--green--blue--orange--peach--brown--red--olive green.


Type #2--is a colored transparant base with a white ribbon.

Sofar I've seen eight different colors.

Pink--apple green--blue--amber--dark green--yellow--purple--light blue.



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Type #3--is a clear base with a white or yellow ribbon,I've not seen this type with other colors.

It's a Wirepull thar occurs frequently.


And at last a picture of some uncommon Wirepulls which don't fit into the above-mentioned types.


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Al,the blue one on top,could be in type #1,but it's a little different,the light blue ribbon is bordered on both sides with dark blue.

The one on bottom left has a goldish stripe on top of the white ribbon,so has the one on top left.

The only one I'm not sure about is the one on top right,it fits in type #1,but with all the funky crystals,I think it's an odd variant.

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I'll see If I can get some outside pics in the next couple days. Winnie, are all the one's pictured around shooter size?


The marbles in the first pic- are all about 7/8,except for the bottom left,it's 5/8.

The second pic- are all about 7/8,except for the purple,left under.

Third pic- are about 7/8.

fourth pic-are about 7/8.

fifth pic- are all 5/8,except for the blue/white one on top.

Your blue one fits in type#1.

The green and I think the red one also in type#2.

the purple one is tricky,it looks as if it's a colored base,but that may have been caused by the purple ribbon.

I'm not sure about the red one,type#1 or type#2??

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Let me just say that I appreciate having a kind of order imposed on wirepulls -- yes, thanks Winnie!

Your type 3, colored ribbon in a transparent colorless base = I only have white ones and yellow ones too, except for one that looks like it should light up under UV, but doesn't. I have a hard time calling it yellow, when my other yellow ones are very much either mustard yellow or a pure straight lemon / canary yellow.

The color in the pic is accurate . . .



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Oh yes, that is a very, very nice one, Winnie!

I'm not sure about the colors on mine -- there are distinct areas on the yellow ribbons that seem to be beige, and other places that tilt towards orange. Easier to see in the first pic because in the second one the white ribbon dominates so much. How much (if any) the variation was intended and how much accidental I have no idea. There are also traces of that weird crumbly / sparkly stuff you sometimes see in orange/white ones (like the top right one in your "Doesn't Fit" category). But since there isn't a distinctly different color involved (green or blue, for example), I can live with "Type 1." Although the "Doesn't Fit" category is OK too!

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