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4 Color Pelt Rainbo?


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I dug them, not Boyce, and I dug this one, too, but not dozens.

I have only one like the marble above, but I suspect there are many others like it.

I am less familiar with what was their standard production, than what they threw away...

They did make other marbles with four or more colors, too.

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Looks like whats called a multi or tri colored Rainbo . Does not fit the multi-colored swirl definition for me. Not a fruit salad type

Not swirly enough for the multi-colored swirl name, is what Galen means. Looks like a regular Rainbo but in multi-colored-swirl colors (red, white, blue in green; and yellow, white, blue in green are the two main ones. Also orange, blue, white in green. . . ) Plainer ones like this one are taken to be later than the swirly ones. I don't know that for a fact, however.

If I'm not mistaken, and I very well might be, since I've only assumed it until now -- I believe the fruit salad needs to be in a colorless base glass. Is that right?

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I'm wondering if there really is a green ribbon there -- or if it is white which looks green because of the base glass.

I thought about that, but to me the white ribbon doesn't look the same underneath the surface as the green ribbons.
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I have one that is like the multi color in question, and I think it is a very unusual NLR. Some of the ribbons are faint, but on one side there are distinct separate ribbons of blue, white, transparent red, white, green, green, white, and blue...


These ribbons wrap around one half of the marble, and the other half is mostly the transparent yellow-green base glass...


There are also weak ribbons of transparent red, white, and blue on one end of the base glass side...


the other end


the bottom side...


and the other side...


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Thanks Dave, if you're ever in town I'll show you.

I could show you a multi color swirl type with four colors, also...blue white and orange on one side, and blue white and yellow on the other, twisted nicely...





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This is a very imformative thread, love (ALL) the comments about them. I have been pretty busy but when i get time i will take a photo of a group of these starting with a (single) color and progress up to (counting white opaque) up to four colors with the white. I hope this will give everyone an idea of peltier starting with a single color and adding extra colors as they produced them. The peltier "Fancy Fruit Cocktail" has five colors with the white. As Chad says: they must be on a (CLEAR) base to qualify them as such. Bringing a photo later on. Chuck G--

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