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Another marble friend lost... De (Delilah) Davis

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It is with great sadness that I am sharing news of the passing of De Davis this past Thursday, June 24. She wasn't on the marble boards, but those of us from the Midwest will have fond memories of De from the many marble shows she attended. She was a glass worker who made marbles, buttons, and pendants. I'll share a message that her son posted on Facebook along with a link to her obituary, and then add my own post as a reply. 

I don't normally post on social media that often. I've tried to move away from it. I normally just watch and see what yall are upto while I'm overseas.
Friday, had to say goodbye to my momma, Delilah Davis. As some may know, she had been battling cancer and she put up a damn good fight. She was the strongest woman I have ever met and I hope that someday I'm even half the parent to my children that she was to me.
She was a mother, a wife, a sibling, a daughter, a good friend to many but to me she was my lifeline and very best friend. My mother knew all of my deepest darkest secrets and loved me without reservation or judgment. She loved her kids and grandkids, that is a fact.
She was also an artist. Not just with her glass and objects that she created with her hands, but also as a musician and a singer. Hell, she was once approached to be a recording artist but turned it down when she found out she was pregnant with me.
My mother gave and gave and gave and asked for nothing in return. Her outlook on life was awe inspiring. She touched many lives including my misfit band of friends from school who all called her mom.
We, her family and friends, are all going to miss her greatly and the world is definitely diminished without her presence in it. We will simply have to take solace in the fact that somewhere out there, she is watching over us and loving us from afar. Her battles were an inspiration and remind us why we are here. Its the connections to our friends and family that make this life worth living and strive to be better people.
On behalf of my family, I thank you for all the messages and memories you have been sharing with us and it makes the loss a little more bearable knowing she had touched so many.
My sister will be setting up a gofundme account to help with funeral expenses and I will ofcourse share it later. In these times, I'm aware its hard on everyone. So if you can't spare anything, please continue to share some memories of my momma.
Thanks so much.

De Davis family photo.jpg

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One of the highlights for me of going to marble shows was getting to see De, one of my oldest "IRL" marble friends. I first met her when she and her then-buddy Cliff would share their room setup. I clicked with De from the get-go. She was so funny and down to earth, and her warmth was contagious. When I started making marbles, I brought along some of my least-sh*tty ones to a show - why, I honestly don't know. I guess just to get some pointers and encouragement. De was awesome - she asked if she could trade me one for one of hers, and I was flabbergasted! That small, sincere gesture spoke to her character. 

We weren't super close, but we kept up a little bit on Facebook. Even though we didn't interact on a regular basis, De was the kind of friend I was always happy to run into, and one I'll remember with great fondness. 

Delilah Davis Sept 2004.jpg

De trade marble.jpg

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Yes, thanks for the post. I remember Deanne well and I always enjoyed running into her at shows. She was very friendly and always fun to be around - my sincerest condolences to her family and all who loved her.

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My condolences and heartfelt best wishes too all family and friends. My wife battled brain cancer for over 3 years before losing her battle in 2018 and the courage and strength her son Randy speaks of is second too none. ❤ 🙏

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I am so sorry to hear this and many prayers for her family. I have know n Dee for many years and we were good friend and i will miss her very much. She used to come to the shows here and made marbles for those who loved to watch her work. She will be missed in my heart. Such a wonderful lady and full of LOVE.  Chuck G---

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