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Helmets and ????


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On the right I feel I have two helmets, but are they Vitro or Akro.  Most of the Vitro I see have a stripe down the middle of the helmet.  They are .61 and .62.  Left marble has orange, black white and blue with the blue and white dipping deep into the mib.  Was thinking Master, but really no clue at .70. 

thumbnail (2).jpg

thumbnail (3).jpg

thumbnail (37).jpg

thumbnail (1).jpg


thumbnail (4).jpg

thumbnail (5).jpg

thumbnail (6).jpg

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The Helmet designation is interesting.  I think all can agree that Vitro made a helmet and they all had a stripe down the middle of the helmet.  But I have attached a photo out of Block's marble mania book page 101 that shows what is labeled Akro Patch-Helmet.  ??????.

Also below is a review written by Ron May 25, 2020 that alludes to an Akro Helmet.  So, what is the consensus, are there Akros with a stripe and are there Akro Helmets, such as the ones I posted above, that have no stripe?  Or are all the Akros that look like they have a Helmet just really patches.

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I think it is Akro.  This is one of those that caused the confusion that Akro made the helmet marbles. The true Vitro helmet style would have the similar transparent face of the helmet . But the main part or the majority of the helmet would have different color stripe down the middle of it.  From the top middle edge of the helmet face to the lower backside of the  helmet. It was named helmet because the pattern or style looks like a football helmet. What I call the Akro helmets, do not have the stripe of a different color for the center of the opaque part of the helmet. Some of the Akros can be all opaque. Akros in colors of, Green and black face,  yellow with red face, white with orange face, white and blue with red face,  green and black with yellow face,  and I am sure a few other combos.  The blue on the op here is a blue patch with bleed, not a stripe or more narrow ribbon. The extra different coloration where the opaque and transparent colors meet is normal on many of this style Akro.  When I started collecting marbles the helmets were considered made by Akro in books and by many collectors. But Vitro made all the jewel trays and true helmet marbles. Many of the Akro Royal marbles have this similar nice bright transparent red.  

Vitro Helmets below. All have the stripe in the middle of the helmet. The Vitro helmets all have the stripe around the center on half of the marble. The similar Akros do not have this center stripe. 


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Your description of the different Akro "helmets" sounds to me like Akro patches. Not called helmets, although helmets fall within the patch type marbles. The ones shown above are patches. Years ago it was thought and published that Akro made the helmets. As time and information came along, it was proven that Vitro, instead, made the helmets. Then some folks contended that Akro and Vitro both made them and they were trying to differentiate which was which but Vitro made the helmets. This terminology may be a leftover vestige of that timeframe, I don't know. 

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