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Oxblood Examples


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Steph, since this was created to be an archived post, I've given it the arrow mark for that purpose.

(I just looked through my photo files and I'm surprised to say I don't have a decent oxblood picture in there!!! I'll see what I can do to fix that!!! ;) )

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I have virtually every picture of every ebay auction, marble post, ect ect,, on my hard drive for the past 3 years,, the problem is when i labeled them it was usually with a date so finding a certain mib is possible but very hard,, somehow i label this one abrick, when i went to look at it i found that other chipped up oxblood swirl i was talking about in my thread on the rare marble,, well this is just as good as place to post these because theres a couple of sweet oxblood or bricks in these photos,, haaa,,,bj


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Thanks BJ. Since there are different shades of reddish and orange-ish there which specifically are the oxbloods? And who made them? (I think I know, but I am not totally sure and so I ask on behalf of other relative newbies who may read this thread in the archives. ;))

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well theres I think 2 companies that made bricks,, MFC which is the lighter one and Akro which looks like burnt blood,, or visa versa,, when you actually hold one in hand theres no mistaken that you will say "thats oxblood" cause they look just like a big old glob of dried blood, i have a few that do not have the "9" design in them, but that "9" you see is a bonus in my book,, very cool marble,,lolol,,that yellow one isnt oxblood that was just in the picture i saved, no one can say for sure where that swirled oxblood comes from, yet,,,,,bj

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Here is an Akro, "Chocolate oxblood".


This image has 2 views of one marble that is an Akro Oxblood Sparkler.

In this marble the glass seems more, "brickish" than, "oxblood". Though it might not fit the criteria that you are looking for. I have more oxblood marbles that you might want to use?


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I tried to find some of the more unusual types. Here's a German handmade (or is it?) formerly called Leighton, purchased from Hansel DeSousa:


A cool Vitro with oxblood V:


This is a neat Akro oxblood swirl in clear base glass:


Alan tells me this one is most likely an Akro. There is oxblood, blue and white glass:


This one has been dubbed a "blueberry oxblood" by collectors and is undoubtedly Akro:


Here is a foreign sparkler with oxblood:


This last one is an oxblood slag in dark green glass. I believe it's MFC.


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Wow! What a sweet oxblood thread!

Andrea .. what is the size on that: "formally known as Leighton" mib?

I'm not sure why, but for my dollar, there are few that compare to the oxblood "Leighton's" with yellow and blue.

(but please .. keep all the other pic's coming :-)

Peace: ackmarble

William .. i have some box's "Big Nickel" Special (J. Pressmaan & Co.) with some of those horsehair oxbloods similar to yours (i'll bring a few boxes to Vegas if anyone is interested?) Nice looking mibs, and sometimes overlooked. Nice pic's of the horsehair!

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Ackmarble: I was trying to shoot a better photo of Hansel's oxblood and added to it a couple views of a 1" Leighton type in eye-popping colors, but unfortunately beat up. The first marble is 25/32". It's one of the prettiest marbles I own. So the photo I posted yesterday now has 2 different Leightons in one image.

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