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Speaking Of Czech Marbles...

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check out this auction: Modern Czech mibs on ebay

sue, i saw the same auctions you did that alan had. i agree it wasn't all that long ago. i was looking for them and found the above auction. i was very surprised to learn the marbles were new.

i wrote to the seller and asked if he/she would mind telling about how they were made. i'll post any reply i get.

does anyone here collect these or know much about them? (either vintage or new?)

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Hmmm, admittedly I don't know marbles, but I do believe I have at least a moderate sense of glass. On the marble I previously posted pics of, if I had to guess, I would say 1970s. I certainly would never guess mid- to late 1990s, especially knowing the Illinois estate from which they came -- lots, and I mean lots, of old glass, some dating back to 1900, and the bulk of it falling between 1940s to mid-60s. I'll be curious to see what additional information that seller is able to provide (i.e., how long such marbles have been made, etc.) Technique certainly appears to be the same, though. :)

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"mibs" = shorthand for "marbles"

and just to clarify, there *are* older czech marbles. i wasn't previously aware that there were *new* czech marbles until i went hunting down alan's auctions and found that other one i posted.

thanks for the link, david. i followed the link in the story to a czech website and was able to decipher the "fotogalerie"

looks like they use cat's eyes for playing, but check this out:

cool marbles i've never seen before

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Curiouser and curiouser.

Holly, your marbles all look vintage, or at least potentially so. (Some of the cats and clearies could be newer, but we have no particular reason to think so.) So, if the Czech mib is newer, it is out of context in that way.

But it is already out of context in another way, because no matter its age, it is not a common marble, and the rest of your mibs look like a nice, solid, but not exotic set.

And whereas the seller of the Czech mib lot currently on eBay has credibly (and refreshingly) claimed they are modern, Marble Alan knows glass pretty darn well himself and he should also be able to judge some things about a mib's origin from the person who consigned them to him for sale, and he ball-parked his similar mibs at around the same era you estimate your mib to be from.

So, the clues here are pointing every which way!

Curiouser and Curiouser.

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Guest marbleus1

When I was in the link I tried to e-mail to see what they might know about current marbles but the e-mail (or link to) did not seem to operate.


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  • 3 years later...

I got these from a Marble Alan a while back. I think they are a newer Czech marble..

I bought some from Prague ...love to sell some like the ones pictured here (like the ones sold by marblealan, that is), plus a few that have some transparent as well as opaque glass.. What is a marble collection with out 'em? You know you ALL need some, right?

I will sell an assortment of 25 mibs for $12.00 plus actual shipping, what ever that comes out to be.

Let me know. Thanks, Ruth

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  • 4 months later...

In the last two weeks Alan has had some nice old ones for sale (I've been lucky enough to get a few) -- he's also had a couple of new "Czech corkscrews" like you're showing, Felicia --

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