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I'm looking at that super cool 1933 ad posted here, and once again I probably haven't registered everything on it, because once again I got sidetracked by something fun.

Here are the Steelies from that ad. The box says "Solid Steel Balls", so this would be ball bearings, right? Check out that size! 11/16". These would break some glass! [edit: the 1933 date has been questioned. Any help clarifying and/or verifying the date would be appreciated. In any case the actual date would be close to 1933. Possibly a little before.]


While I'm in the neighborhood, and in case anyone opened this thread in the hopes of finding some of the old hollow steelies with the x's in them, you can find some of those here, Steelies: Handmade Or Machine-made? Yes, it was a silly question! lol. But it's a great thread. Check out the patent John McCormick shows in Post #7 and Craig game set in Post #10.

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More solid steelies. Cannonball brand. "Steelee Shooters" and "Steel Marbles":

post-279-1204078017_thumb.jpg post-279-1204078027_thumb.jpg

Source of the Steelee Shooters. The 2nd pic is obviously from ebay but I don't know the seller.

edit: I've been presuming those were solid Steelies. Maybe someone will correct or confirm.

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Here's a neat little "article" about when "steelies" appear to have been a new-ish concept. At least using ball bearings as marbles may have been a new idea. Makes sense 'coz it wasn't long before that when Martin Christensen invented his steel ball machine which made ball bearings affordable for things like bicycles, and for boys. (Martin sold his ball bearing machine patent to investors in January 1900.)


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