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I'll get some up when my son comes back around and gets some pictures taken for me, Darla. (hopefully one day this week)

I think I will need an apron for all the drooling. It's all purple-licious!

Awesome marbles Carole...contemps?

Love all those shades of purple Road Dog.


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Here's 2 Steve Davis signed marbles

Dark purple, and light purple

My wife says the one on the left is PINK

Steve did call it "COTTON CANDY"

But I think Lavender is a better description,

What do you guys think?????





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awesome marbles gang! I just dowloaded 135 pictures and I didnt get to the masters, or the peltiers... did I say it was going to take 2 hours? what a dreamer I was on that estimate! LOL

but hey THIS IS FUN!

ps. GREAT pictures Carole!

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Joe, too kewl! Post a link to yer ebay so's folks can bid on those beauties. I know I would if I could. The last one, with the purple, red and yellow has a lava lamp flow to it...very kewl.

Tim, on my screen it sorta looks like a wine color. Both fabulous marbles!

Dani, Wow, that's a long time and still more? I am so looking forward to seeing the purples.

Did ya notice we get to see more contemps doing this? Great learning experience.

Thanx all...hope to see more.

:-) Felicia

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