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Hey Hey, It's May

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Here's some of my yellows, including a Vitro Horseshoe Cat from the infamous Steph (heh, heh).

Alan posted a yellow/black one that looks alot like mine in the top center. What do you think it is...Akro, Christensen...?

And there's a Ringer corkscrew on the right, if there is such a thing, which I now doubt that there is...probably is just a Moss Agate.

Anybody know where I can get some more multicolor Vacor Galaxies?

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This one sports some yellow. Brighter than the pic shows.

Is that a Galaxy? It's not exactly the kind I had in mind. There are at least two varieties that I'm aware of. I only the collect the ones that look more speckled and less splotchy. I think the splotchy ones are the older ones. I'm looking for the 1" shooters with no white in them, and at least two other colors besides black. I only want the ones on a black base.

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Almost hate to post a nickel marble after those, but .... well anyway I was looking for a different oddball when I ran across this one, my single seam bumblebee:


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