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Scoop's Birthday!!


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DAMN YOU,JO!!!! I never suspected you were the "Kiss and Tell" type!!! ROFLMAO!!!

Thanks everyone!!!

I had a great weekend at the NE show and came home with one of the marbles I MOST wanted from the Glass Addiction Alphabet Letter contest!!!

(Stan Skipper's Q..... Thank You, Bert & Rosalie!!! :D )

And, the coolest surprise was having my son walk in to say "Hi" after a 10 hour bus trip to do it!!!

:cool-smileys-262: (Oh... Did I mention, you have violated board rules by using my full name in the title???

Your gettin' a WARNING, Honey!!!!)

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Thanks again, everyone!!!! :cool-smileys-262:

I can always drive 55!!! No matter how fast I'm really goin'!!! LOL

;) Brian, I'm doin' my damndest!!! If we all SINCERELY work on it, maybe baby, we can bring this thing back to where it was fun...

I can see it happening already!! Thanks to all who are really trying!!! :D

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