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Mib Named " Spotted Dick " ?


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The -- ah -- thing itself isn't that interesting. The original English "Spotted Dick" is a kind of bready pudding with raisins . . . you can actually buy it here (which I've done for a joke) in cans, Heinz brand, if you have a good grocery store.

What I want to know is - - -

How the name "Spotted Dick" came about (or maybe I don't want to know), and/or how it caught on, and

What the heck a "Spotted Dick" marble looks like (or maybe I don't want to know).

Maybe just a tiny picture?

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This is what I could find.


"Pearlies" are pearl like, often white with a colour running throughthem. A black pearly with a narrow vertical strip of colour is a cat'seye. A green pearly is a froggy. A pearly with many dots of colour is aSpotted Dick. "Oilies" have an iridescent quality similar to the shadesproduced by oil on water. "Clearies" are clear, transparent marbles andred, blue and green clearies are all possibilities.


Spotted dicks. Very rare, blue glass with coloured dots on it.

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That's cool, m!b$. That's two more uses of the name than I already knew about. Or thought I knew about.

The spotted dick I've been curious about is a ceramic, I believe. White with black spots, I think. My list of links to handmades threads tells me to go to a thread at Marble Mental. But I can't get there.

Edit: What Duffy said. Thanks!

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Hey Scott;

I think they need your pic (LOL).


Oh Maaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! Lou, do I have to delete YOU, too???

Ooooops, that's right, your the "Spotted Dictator!!" You can say what you want!!!

ROFLMAO!!!! :rolleye-842:

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  • 10 months later...

they are simply fired white clay marbles with black dots on em...paul sent me one before he passed...its in my showcase ......later ill try to get a pic of it....steve

Yes they are fired white clay marbles with black dots... The dots are uniform and all are in a pattern on the mib... One on each pole and three around the center total of 5 spots...

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