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New Philly / Canton Marble Show Roll Call


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Thanks Smitty ! :P

Off the marble zone..........Kim and I are planning a week of crappie fishing at Clendening Lake, in your neck of the woods. Do you have any knowledge of where to fish. ( Secret spots) :music-rocker-001: It looks like we will be planning it for sometime in May (after I kill spring gobblers :cool-smileys-262:

Holiday Inn

4520 Everhard Road

North Canton, Ohio 44718

Phone # (330) 494-2770

Exit # 109 Interstate 77

Just south of Canton/Akron Airport

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John, actually the fishing around here is "CRAPPIE". I could show you some places, but I'd have to go with you!LOL

You'd be better off to bring your bow and shoot carp. Check out Salt Fork lake for crappie and Public hunting Gobblers, or Leesville lake for Musky.

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Wow, Big big show compared to what we have been seeing the past year, maybe the resession is over :)

I'm actully reserved down the street at the Courtyard Marriot for thursday and friday night. They have an indoor pool and that is the only way I could con my daughter into making the 6 hour trip, she wants to swim and I want to buy marbles! We will be running back and forth between hotels but thats ok for this one show.

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