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Well, I Have Two Of These Now, Woohoo

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My daughter did it again now i got 2 of them, Allysa Nickole 19- 1/2 inches 7 lbs and a little change,, Gampies Girlies,, there so sweet,,, bj


Shyanna-Lee Rae, 4 years


ok it aint marble related but sometimes you have to put things in perspective, sit back and decide whats more important.

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congrats big john..has it been 4 years!!!...tell everybody i said howdy!!!

lol, yep its been 4 years,, for those of you that dont remember duffy actually went to the hospital with shylea because i couldnt get down there, he was nice enough to snap pictures of her for me, what a guy,, deserves 2 atta-boys,,,,

thanks for the nice comments, im so proud of my kids,, that shylee sings to me over the phone and one song she sings the alphabet song, shes so sweet,,,,, bj

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