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Pictures Of Handmade Marbles


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Lets see what you have. Onions, Clown, Clouds, Divided Core, Solid Core, Lattice Core, Mica, Lutz, Clambroth, Indians, Submarines, Joseph Coats, Lightning Strikes, Sulphides.... ect ect. I'm sure I missed more than a few, so post pics of em.

This should be some serious eyecandy.

I'll start with a simple and rather sloppy little thing that I like for some reason? Besides the fact it's a marble of course.


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One of my favorites . . .


WOW! This one is gorgeous. Also, a major deja vu - when I was a kid, I had a souvenier "glass"(really lucite) paperweight from Florida with a pink flamingo inside that used to fascinate me - never thought about it nearly 50 years until I saw this marble. It was exactly those colors.

thanks for the memories,


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