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That one with a white wire in the yellow glass is AWESOME, Alan!

I'm pretty sure that Jabo never made anything like wire pulls. I can't even think of anything close that they made, though. Could you post some pics of the ones you're wondering about, Soilwork?

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I do not know of any Jabos that resemble wirepulls from Germany like Alan and Winnie posted. Nancy IMO yours are not the German wirepulls, but the left and center in the second row down do resemble them. Vacor de Mexico has made some marbles that really resemble the wirepulls and some WV companies have made some that may confuse many. Peace,Galen

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I have a couple Jabo's that have that look.

An early Joker oxblood run has some that resemble wirepulls, and so does the Ultra run. To my knowledge, they're not considered wirepulls, though. Are your Jabos from either of those runs?

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Yes Ann, I believe they are from the Ultra run, although one or two of them was listed as a crystal orbit. I'm Mighty_Abyss by the way.



Both of these are 3/4. When backlit, you can see one solid stream of red glass winding around inside. I have to say I really dig these. So far I have 4 if them.

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Nancy, one trait I learned for a wirepull is that the ribbon of color is supposed to be one continuous stream. Some of yours look like they have multiple ribbons. Am I seeing them accurately?

Back to the flashlight and magnifying glass! I think most of them are more than one tho. I can't tell on the blue ones. At least I'm learning!...Thanks...Nancy

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and by the way richsanta, my dog is barkin at post #18

U Dun gud





and one with my fav color combo, blue in green glass


and speaking of barking dogs, My dog has his gas issue under control..not sure where I posted that originally, but there you go.

Seemed like a good spot.

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