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Peltier Nlr's


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Hi, I recently attended an Auction with the sole purpose of escaping my house for a whole day. When I arrived at the auction I saw these Peltiers, I immediately started Praying there were no other marble collectors present. Well, there was another collector present and after bidding my mortgage payment and winning the marbles, not to mention having to leave after 30 minutes due to depleted funds. The other collector asked me to post these here on Marble Connection. So here are my newest and most prized NLR's. Most are over 13/16 with the largest coming in at 22mm. The smaller marbles were added for comparison purposes. Sorry about the pinpoint reflections.














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Well worth a mortgage payment anyday. That is one fantastic score. Any Aventurine in any of them?

Just got back from the Haunted School House.

I'm sad, I never thought to look for aventurine. My eyesight is not very sharp so I'll have to take them outside tomorrow in the sunlight.

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Thank You everyone for making me feel less foolish for buying these.

This is my largest marble purchase and a lot of uncertainty, not regret, came with it.

Thank You Marble Man for not pursuing the bid. I don't think I would have stopped until I had them in my hand. You obviously knew that I wasn't going to stop too.

Do you think that the black and white and red and white marbles are swirls or NLR's?

Thank You


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I didn't need the sunlight. But I did need my glasses as well as a magnifying glass. Really, Really bad I sight. Every single one of the Black and White's had aventurine, some more than others. I also noticed more embedded debris in this group than in my entire collection of Peltiers. Was this something that occurred because of the size? I also noticed the colors are a little different than their smaller versions.

Nah, I don't use the Killer Twirls Sword,.....anymore. I like the term "Miller Era" though.



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S-O-O glad my husband wasn't at that auction, Beth, or one of us would be homeless. Pretty sure you don't have to feel bad about whatever you may have bid on these, it was a once-in-a-lifetime deal. Enjoy.

Had to laugh. My husband still doesn't know that I purchased them. Do they still put missing persons on the side of milk cartons?

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