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Buyer Beware

MC Marbles

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Yup I eluded to that fact on another board when this auction got questions. Their questions only asked what marbles came with it. Not even thinking they may be faked. I was suprised about that. You all remember Pavcraz? This is some info that Steph sent me some time back when i asked her on the fake bennies. They look like his stuff.

Info on the people that faked mib boxes, and bennies. Ebay names and such. I remember him selling over 10 of his fakes boxes. All defferent kinds. Not just fake singles.

There are a couple of people who are related. Between them they have a lot of names. The initial ones came from "youhave2bid2win". One of their latest was "marbleconnection". This is the Washington State branch. I'm not sure about their other names but Conny3706 is at least one past name associated with the family.

Pavcraz and his alters also sold them out of Maine. He's the guy who made the fake Akro boxes.

The family name of this little ring of forgers is Birchfield.

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I know the bid price was over 300 and now it is under 100.

Someone felt it had weight. Maybe the "better safe than sorry" view or maybe they jsut didn;t want them. I figured they were worth 5-8.00/ea just to be safe :)

i also noticed top bidder made 5 adjustments to his bid within seconds of each other and THAT's kind of odd. Like he said ok, My max is 100...No wait, its 120..no wait its 122.98..no wait, its....

Just odd stuff :)

Also, aging paper is VERY easy. Not saying these ARE fake ,but I am saying I can make typing paper look like ancient parchment paper in about 3 hours. You gotta learn the tricks to be able to not be fooled by them. If they buyer had known what to do, they would have simply taken photos, in a dark room, with a black light on to eliminate the use of modern paper treatment on the paper used for the boxes. It will reflect,but it will not glow or show bleach areas.

You ALL have a black light, take it out, turn the lights off,shin it on ANY piece of paper or card board made in the last 20 years and you will see what I mean. All paper is treated before being processed. It is done at the pulp level.


The stamp, at 80x will resemble blood cells based on how Ink was made until the early 40's

Anyway, neat looking boxes, but I dropped out 25.00 back :)

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My initial impression was heck-if-I-know. I was tricked by Pavcraz boxes originally. Then when comparing them to the real deal the fakery was obvious. But I still need to be reminded what the real deal looks like.

My 2nd impression after going through some old files is that the ones in this auction seem like the real deal.

I'm still going through more old files to try to find the boxes I used for my initial comparison. But for the moment, my thought is the auction is okay.

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I see no reason someone would go to the trouble of making fake boxes unless there was huge money involved. Looking at the boxes they do not look reproduced to me. IMHO

All my best .......... Danny

As you can see from the final bid -- 1,280.00 even with all the damage -- those boxes are pretty special.

They're rare enough that even some of the more seasoned collectors are in doubt when they see it.

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I spoke with Eric at Rhynes this morning, buying ANY Akro box is going to be scary for me

Eric "Yah, I spoke with Joe, He says towards the end of spring we will be selling Akro stamped Slag ware, marble boxes with marbles and a whole line of Akro items'

Granted I am unsure what a whole line of Akro products means as I assumed they made marbles and dishes,but I am now going to avoid Akro boxes and glass ware

If anyone wants to give it a check I do not mind. Best to check someone's claims if you do not know them and no one REALLY knows me here so please play it smart if you give them a call. Give em a call and say "A friend,Robert in Chickamauga over at Bare Walls told me you guys were going to carry Akro Agate next spring based on your acquisition of the trade mark. Could you give me an idea of what all you are going to carry as I would be very interested in carrying the line". or say it is a product you have a lot of interest in,whatever works for you..... Just don;t go on a rant about hurting the hobby or any of that. We buy from them and I would hate to get crapped on haha

Phone Numbers & E-mail:

Phone: 706-935-2576

Fax: 706-965-3674

Orders: 800-355-2576

E-mail: [email protected]

So yah, I have to say I would be terribly paranoid about buying any Akro box in the foreseeable future. It's not like if they make crap boxes that are obvious repops, will cause the price to go UP in the next 8 months so holding off now would just be smart,safe and more than likely not cost you anything but the chance to save thousands is pretty clear

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Not aware of a Florida connection. That might be the guy who "sold" marbles which were already in private collections -- using photos from sites like Morphy and Joemarbles. I think maybe that guy started in WV and moved to Florida.

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Sold one awhile back that was literally beat to crap, but the crow was still somewhat visible. the thing I noticed about these boxes, verses the one we had(consignment) was there was no thin paper covering the box lid. the crow appeared stamped onto the cardboard. It did have a nice red slag in it that fit properly too. just sayin...

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