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What Didn't You Win? :)


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Hey chica! I was actually glad I didn't win them. After I bid, our clutch went out. So I need that $30. But there they are for posterity. (:

.... And my next bid will probably end up in this thread too, coz I don't bid very high. (:

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I know I have at least a couple contributions for this one.

Just can't think of them right now.

I like the 'narrow ledge vase'.

Don't think I've ever seen one of those.

It's fitting that this topic would attract serious fishermen, since

the only possible alternative title is 'The One That Got Away'! :lol:

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I do not even know where to begin

I lost a lot this week that the seller had listed as "Top SHelf" marbles :) I lost the 82 count lot buy 15.00 and the 225+ count lot by 20.00

It is so hard to buy lots that span multiple companies when you only want a few and have to factor in resell on the rest. I wanted that Lemonade and a few others but there were so many I didn;t want to deal iwth on the resell that I went lower than I would have to be honest, had then been listed individually

I loose marbles every day it seems.

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I didn't win these one inch St. Marys.


Still on my wish list. (:


If I have any of these I will let you know and send them your way :)

I sold a lot of St.mary's last week, all 5/8 and gave the lady another 20 on top of it because I have so many. While I am unsure if I have 1", I will check though for you :)

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Haha Hi Marlene :)

Yah, I have quite a few to go through but I will check this week Steph. I have several 3 gallon jars of Cat eyes now....too my displeasure as I am not a cat eye fan (Except Brogards). I even sent Marlene a nice bag of the brogard's black cat eyes :)

But yah, I will see what I can find

Any other odd-ball cat eyes ?

I have some odd one;s to say the least. I have a pelt banana that got stretched so you have a half moon cat eye. I have some that are ...I cannot guess the age or maker, but 1" with so many ripple INSIDE the glass you can hardly see the eye. It looks exactly like mid 50's coke glass. I will get some pics for ya later

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