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Almost Finished

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It's mind-blowing.

To have something turn out as well as that must

be one of the greatest feelings in the world. ( :

But I have to pursue this further.

KBOB Television's investigative news team has

uncovered some mysteries 'hiding in plain sight'!

What's up with the large spherical things up on top?

And the interesting looking piece of 'print'? (First photo)

The second photo is from the reflection in the mirror.

It reveals another large (although not as much)

spherical thing in what appears to be a wooden salad

bowl/satellite-dish combination.

Marbly minds want to know! :lol:



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Andrea, there are different makers or types in each drawer. no real rhyme or reason




Chinese Handmades


machine made slags


Cat eyes

Handgathered types

Jabo Classics

WV swirls

German Machine mades


German Handmades


The secret revealed. These are to be my next art carving project. They just seemed to belong close to the marbles until I get around to cutting them up with the dremel.



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I was wondering when someone was going to say something(LOL) Got no issues with the classics, other than most were junk. But there were actually a few nice ones. not a whole lot but a few. Those are all peewees in the window. I also have a bunch more from different years and even some of the old Marble Mansion boxed sets but don't tell anyone, Okay?(LOL)

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