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Got This In The Mail

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100 Japanese transitionals in box.



I've looked at all the cut off's and they are all different,spider cut off's--long straight cut off's and short lines.

Some of the marbles are almost smooth on the surface.

So it seems my suspicion that this kind of marbles are all made in one country,seems to be true.

They are exactly the same that i find here.

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Very nice box.

When I first started collecting people were always saying to help ID learn the cut lines. Then after talking to some of the original factory workers that were still alive it changed. It changed to learn your colors first as the shear cuts can change as the shears got dull and had to be sharpened.

Also, check those light blue (turquoise) ones. They sometimes have oxblood in them. Not intentional. Brian Graham mentioned that it has some way to do chemical.

I may be more slightly jealous than Galen.

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Here's a pic of the whole box.

It's something that makes me think.I mean my thinking of transitionals has changed.

Winnie, it's good that your thinking of transitionals has changed. For the better, and closer to the truth I'm sure.

That "Made in Japan" stamp is particularly informative, as is the mix of cut offs in the box.

Several months ago I bought a solitaire set, supposedly "Made in England", and the marbles have the same mix of cutoffs.



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Interesting, My research has led me to find that many countries do not have did not have the same or even similar country of origin labeling laws,that we have here in the USA And products assembled in one country can be labeled as made in that country even if the assembled parts were made elsewhere.. think of a Ford full of japanese mexican and chinese parts., Still "Made in America(LOL)

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On top:2 spidery cut-offs,the left one has a second color,not oxblood.

in the middle:2 short straight line cut-offs.

bottom:left one has a long straight line cut-off,right one is almost smooth,because the shears was sharp.


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Now I'm going to have to go home and sit around with some of my marble boxes open and my head in my hands. For hours and hours.

Shall we all go do that as a group? It may take me awhile . . .

Are any of the cut-offs slightly curved at the ends? Kind of propeller-like?

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