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I do not like it

It is not a marble any more. It is a round paper weight as far as I am concerned.

I think, as far as marbles go, the "Randomness" is the critical and most awe inspiring point.

Think about it, Order out of Chaos

Think of how a Rorschach test comes into our minds and how we see X out of a chaotic patterns

I have no issue with this item, it is pretty, but, to ME at least, it is not a marble and does not have the magnificence of a marble,spat out by a machine

I think this is why Germans held my interest for MAYBE 3 weeks. granted, one of my favorites is a german, but for much different reasons.

No, what I find more beautiful than that is the perfection from Chaos :)

I do think it is an attractive piece of glass, but that is what it is to me. Just a piece of glass...not a work of Randomness,marble art ;)

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I suppose it is only a marble by the broadest definition. But being hand made, it is certainly art by almost any definition. Personally, I think it is beautiful and an excellent example Alloway's art.

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I think i understand what Gnome means.

I see it more as very handsome craftmanship and can imagine that not every marble collector is in love with it,anyway it's not my cup of tea but i do like some contemporary's

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I have a different opinion. Myself and two other WVMCC members spent last Thursday and Friday with about 100-125 cub scouts. All from the Marietta OH area for their yearly day camp. They received marble history,viewed vintage marble collector displays,and played three different marble games. Those games were played wiith Jabo so called special run collector marbles. We gave away over 4500 old and new assorted marbles to the scouts. Those included the Jabo collector marbles and Sammy's Mountain Marbles. Each scout received a bag of 26 assorted marbles and included a marble game booklet. Each cub scout was also allowed to pick their choice of six additional marbles from a tub of assorted marbles new and old. There were as many Jabo collector marbles picked as vinatge collector marbles. Marbles were threw in the grass for them to find. When asked almost if not every cub scout had marbles at home and had played a game with marbles. There is a interest in marbles with the young. There is newer marbles being made and has been made in WV and OH that are used for play. I will not agree with Noone. Maybe the majority of newer marbles were made for collectors but Noone is not correct,some are definately used for play. I am sure all the 2 inch German onionskins,lutz,etc. handmades were not used for play. How many of the boxed sets of Peltier comics were used for play? I have always been in disagreement to say that "Noone will play marbles with any of them." I have witnessed these marbles played with since and before 2008 until last week. I have seen thousands upon thousands of these newer collector only marbles gave away to children to play with. I have seen many children buying these new collector marbles. Most of them cannot afford a Akro eggyolk oxblood.

Not directed at any one person. More gloom and doom here as usual. I see it post after post every week. So does anyone else who wants to look. Marbles being made for collectors only. No interest from the young in marbles. Marble prices dropping,they will be worthless. Marbles are not a form of art. To many marble shows. Not enough attending marble shows. On and on. Who is to blame ? The marbles ? Spread enough vinegar and it will be sour fermentation. The days should be more enjoyable spreading honey.



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