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Show Off Your Ravenswoods

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Mibstified -- Whatever it is, I have one very much like your third-row-down, far right marble, with the strip-y green ribbons. If anybody has any ideas about that one, you've got at least two people who would be interested to know what you know! Or just what you think . . .

I think its an alley

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I see one.

Would that be the bottom row, second from the right?

Others may be too, but I'm just beginning to grasp some characteristics of Ravenswood. So I dunno.

I just got a nice marble with question-mark-CAC? or question-mark-Alley? but now that I have it in hand, I'm wondering why not Ravenswood?

I don't care which company made it -- it's just my kinda swirl -- so I got no investment in the answer. Opinions?


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Thanks, guys, I think you're right.

Once I got home and started staring and staring and staring (you know what I mean) at my small group of Ravenswoods and the new one, I thought "Uh-oh, I don't think it's Ravenswood after all." Next I went through my Alleys, and it just didn't fit -- not closely enough for my comfort, anyway. Always remembering the limitations of my (moderately sized) Alley collection. But I was still reluctant to move it to my (also small) group of CACs just of my own accord, so I left it sitting there on the windowsill until (hopefully) I heard from you. Whew.

It'll look nice in the box with its CAC cousins . . . whee!

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Ann, I think Mibstified's mib (third row, right) is an Alley.

Thanks Ric and Gregor for sending me back to my Alleys on this one. For a long time I've had it grouped with two others that were similar, in that their striping glass was consistantly narrow but had 2 or more colors . . . including one with narrow (and sparse) transparent red ribbons edged on one side with transparent green. They've been a real headscratcher for me. And too interesting to just ignore.

So I got out the Alleys. And did a double-take when I picked up a marble I hadn't looked at for a while. I had it in a small group of Alleys that had (burial) irridescence on their striking glass. On very close inspection, there it was. The same very narrow, sparse ribbons of more than one color -- in this case a kind of medium blue with what looked like burgandy. I put it next to the three mystery marbles and they embraced it warmly!

Anyhow, it was fun. I appreciate it!

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Second pic, top right, semi-confidently Alley. Have seen two very like it but with yellow instead of orange. David Chamberlain used to have one of them.

Second pic, bottom row middle, also semi-confidently Alley. I have a couple and some cullet with the brown a deeper color.

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I can never make heads or tails of Ravenswoods (or most other WV swirls for that matter). I think a couple in the 1st pic are. 2nd pic probably Alley is my guess anyways



This is alot to ask but could you take 4 view pics of the marble in the second pic second row first mib pink orange white.

Thanks Dennis

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