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I'm setting up seether71-uk as soon as my NIN ( same as your SIN#) comes in and I can list on the bay. No Corks over here so lots coming in a couple of weeks. Including a very cool and rare green and yellow Wirepull. Only the third one I have seen. I do have lots of nibbled Wirepulls LOL. As well as around 100 lbs or more of Catseyes. Seriously I have thousands of the things. Think I will goof around with them and make some tiles or glue them to my Mums giant concrete garden Mushroom.

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Thanks. I'm a little shocked they are in pretty good shape. Not sure why they made them with such soft glass? Many of the ones I sorted are really quite beat up with moons.

What strikes me about them is,the colored glass stream which makes the swirl,are very thin,so the smallest damage (a tiny little pinprick) caused directly that you see the white base which looks ugly and beat up.

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Are these euro swirls? The colors look right from others I have seen.

They're what most of us call "Euro swirls" . . .

But as Ron said, we don't know a whole lot about them. Except that they seem to be from somewhere in Europe. I've read that they're found sometimes with wirepulls, which has led some people to think that they might be by the same maker -- whoever that was.

:icon_popcorn: Me, I'm waiting for Winnie to figure it out and tell us. No pressure, Winnie . . .



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Thats a very nice Amsterdam wirepull Ann

I believe they have been made in the 50ties in Amsterdam by Veiliglas.

I get really tired of explaining why i think that way,well only this:a lot of the transp- swirls and wirepulls do have the same pattern as the opaque swirls,i find them together with wirepulls and transp- swirls in marble groups of the 50ties.

At home i call them Amsterdam swirls.

You know,i can't believe that after all i've posted about these so called Euro swirls that i would be the only one who believes they have been made in Amsterdam.

It will probably be due to my poor English He He.


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Are not most machine made marbles attributed to the company name that produced them ? I know habits are hard to break. But these are nice marbles and should have correct recognition. Winnie did the work,i remember it well. But here in the U.S. they are still labeled or called Euros ! Most people still do not know the informaion as witnessed above. The old habit will only change when each time Euro is used. They receive the latest information and willing to change and move forward. Is it going to be Amsterdam swirls wirepulls or the company name that produced them ????

Thank you again Winne for your work. I still have the marbles you sent me several years ago.

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Amsterdam wirepulls and swirls it is, if that's what you've settled on, Winnie.

And I'm also going to try to remember Veiliglas. They should be remembered as a marble company the same as we remember Peltier, Akro, Alley, etc.

[Thanks Winnie -- it's one of my favorite wirepulls!]

Afterthought: Any indications that the Euro sparklers are, or could be, Veiliglas?

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About the Sparklers,i'm not sure where they have been made,my feeling is that they have been made in France.

I have not seen them in original packaging marked Germany.

I've seen them in French packaging.

In the article about Veiligglas,i've read that no marbles were made in Germany after the war,that in Europe marbles were made only in France and Netherlands.

When i talk to people in France who have knowledge about glass,they tell me that after WW11 machien made marbles have been made in France,so......

The most confusing thing about Sparklers is ,there'more than one type.

Pictures not mine





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