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Mfc Lot.


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So I won this lot last friday, they came today, these were burried amongst a bunch of catseyes, I thought some looked larger my eyes must be going, a few Nice ones in the lot anyway, 50% of them had joined the flea circus at some point in time, oh well for roughly 100 year old mibbage they arn't that bad, enough to put a cool little box set together anyway, there were others as well not photoed little too much damage, anyway lets see how many pics I can get up here, I would also think that at the point of time that these were made a Perfect (9) wasn't the goal so if the pattern was ascue or disrupted it was much more common than the perfect Nine, quite abit of interior action as well So now go ahead and say these are hand gathered Akro, I'll run out in front of a bus and change my name to Dave Hamburger, There's one of the light purples That when backlit turns a beautiful opalecent pink, crazy nice color, Lets see how many pics I can post. looks like 2, DB.



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Yes the Pink/ lavender is pretty cool, only one I have like that at this point slags are fun to collect every now and then it seems like you can find a good or rare one in a lot, this one came in a group earlier last year, I posted it on the other website and it really didn't draw much attention, allthough I think it to be quite rare, 5/8ths + with a Green AV spiral going into the interior of the marble with a splendid AV plume, and yes it is green AV, very tough to get a quality photo of the green but in hand its plain as day, DB.



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