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Post A Marble With A Name


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Any marble that has a name. Name doesn't have to be what "everyone" else calls it. :) Different regions can have different names, for example. :thup: Just say what you call it. And saying which company made it would be good too for newbies who might not know. (:

Akro Indian Blankets (these were Patry's). Some would say only the right hand one was an Indian Blanket -- because it's the one with yellow on both sides of the red ribbon -- but some would call 'em both that.


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Well, shoot. Even I know an 'Oregon' when I see one!

I'm guessing Al will be keeping that one.

Steph, when you first posted your marble elsewhere without a name,

the first thing that popped into my head was 'Burnt Rebel'.

But then I started second-guessing myself and wondering whether it

could be a similarly-singed 'Christmas Tree'.

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