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Ever Heard Of A Black Chalkie..?


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Dark, very dark blue-green base with shadows of something swirled within, brushed with, in some light a dry looking, thin white, layer of color. In other light, the white almost disappears, leaving an almost, acid-etched looking surface. A metallic, has been suggested. There is no shine on the surface where this... whatever is applied. The rest of the marble surface is very shiny and there is no hint of color, other than the dry white, in certain light, mentioned earlier, I see no seams, no manufacturing marks, no deformation of any kind, whatsoever, and a fairly, nice spherical shape. It is a larger marble in the vicinity of 3/4... 13/16th's...... I just dropped it on the carpet and don't know where it rolled off to...... Looking again, backlit... The blue is more of a gunmetal, blue with maybe a hint of green. The base glass is extremely, dirty looking. There are clouds of like black smoke, bulging out from the center, and a dirty, polluted looking swirl curling through the, I believe it's called "seedy" looking glass. Dirty bubbled frothy. It don't look like it would taste very good at all... The polluted looking swirl has brown and green in it, I think... Well???

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I have two that may be similar, but I have to check them at home tonight. They look black (with a metallic "smear" similar to those on yours), but I've never tried backlighting them, so have no idea what the base really is. Will let you know.

Mine were found at the Alley Pennsboro site,

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Well, I got a surprise last night when I backlit the two that I have that are similar to yours . . . they are similar to yours!

The base is very, very dark -- quite black in appearance -- but if side-lit just right you can catch a glimpse of its color, which is a very dark transparent (!) blue that I would call ultramarine, for those of you who remember your Craola colors. Although it's hard to see much more than that, I do get the impression that the base glass is not top flight.

Except for the fact that I cannot see far enough into the marbles to see any further details, mine match johnfrost's description: pretty much exactly: "no seams, no manufacturing marks, no deformation of any kind, whatsoever, and a fairly, nice spherical shape. It is a larger marble in the vicinity of 3/4... 13/16th's...... "

In my own mind I'm ruling out the JABO Lawnchairs for a couple of reasons -- maybe three. Although I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything, yunnerstand. (1) These are bigger. (2) When put side by side with the Lawnchairs, the Lawnchair base, although dark, is fairly clearly transparent. These look pretty different, in that their bases have a very opaque-black appearance. Which I thought they were, until last night.

Third -- not sure, but I may have gotten these before the Lawnchair runs. Wondering about the state of my records. I'll see how good I was or was not . . .

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This one is 11/16,in hand it looks black,when back lighted there is some brownish near the surface and green filaments swirling deep in the marble.

Mine is not Jabo,it's already a very long time in my house.

To be honest I think of some kind of error marble,could it be?


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Yes, Winnie, I think it's an error marble too. That's also what the guy thought who found mine in the ground. Full of contaminates.

I double-checked last night in case I was lying in my post yesterday (hey, I'm getting old), but I wasn't. The base of JABO's Lawnchairs (the regular ones) is that light icy blue that comes from cupric oxide, which is what industrial marbles are usually made from. The bigger ones called Lawnchair Woodstocks seem to have the same light cupric oxide base, although it's hard to tell, with all the opaque colored glass ribbons inside.

The base of my two metallic ones is that weird dark ultramarine that jonfrost described above : "The blue is more of a gunmetal, blue with maybe a hint of green."

And it looks like I had mine before the Lawnchair runs.

Maybe they're all Alley Pennsboro. Stranger things have been true, I guess . . .

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The overall 'flow' of this entire conversation is very vague and confusing to me.

This is likely due to my general lack of marble knowledge.

I have no idea what a chalkie or chalky is.

I'm guessing that Steph does, and her response is indicating that she hasn't

heard specifically of a black one. But I don't really know.

Ric made this comment, which certainly seems straight-forward.

"....the only thing I can say with confidence is that it's not a chalky."

This seemed incredibly significant to me.

I was surprised that no one responded to it directly one way or the other.

Are the other responders to the original post all in agreement with him?

Seems like establishing whether the original identification was 'generally

accepted' would have been a logical 'first step' here.

Probably this entire topic makes complete sense to most people automatically.

I guess I just felt some need to mention that this one somehow stood out in

not fitting a 'pattern' that would be of good use to 'newbies' and 'I don't remember

what I did yesterday' people like me. :)

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. . . a couple of nice ones in there too. As for the original . . . that doesn't look like most of the metal/sheen I've seen on dug Alleys and there's not much else to go on for a positive ID, at least from these pics. And while your description is very good, it doesn't help me much either. It could well be an error, grease on the rollers or something seems reasonable, and it could be dug. That's about all I've got. In other words, I have no clue.

And I have to say, your topic title sure piqued my interest - I would love to see a black Alley Chalky!

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I only know of one Alley chalkie which might be consided black. It is opaque black or really dark purple and the opaque chalk white. It is owned by Sammy Hogue. Sammy or Barney Seece are also the only ones i know who has 13/16-7/8 size chalkies.

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