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Ot: My Backyard


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Bottomed out! lol

OMG looks like it goes halfway up your door!

We didn't get that much snow! Some, but not that much. But we did have a pet-related adventure in the front yard this morning. I went out to shovel and heard a loud frantic call from the thorny bushes up against our porch. I couldn't tell for sure if it was a cat or a large bird. But eventually we managed to extricate a kitten. A bushy tailed black kitten, maybe a few months old. Fed him, watered him, dethorned him, found him a home. What a rush. Our grown boy cats weren't happy about it but everyone is settled down now.

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I was out in my new neighbors back yard for a while this afternoon splitting some wood for him that it appeared he had given up on. I live for this and definitely brought my maul and wedges to New Mexico. Luckly I've only been using the snow shovel at the neighborhood playground to shovel back the gravel that gradually sneaks out onto the sidewalks in the children's area. I've been told that there were only two decent snow storms here in the past 17+ years. Kinda pathetic. David

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Front yard scene of the beginning of last weekend's storm (Friday):


My back deck that same night:


Same scene the next morning:




Digging out after last weekend's 32 inch snowfall:



Then we received another 18 inches Tuesday night/Wednesday with winds up to 43 mph:


Snow drift photo from last night:


So we are digging out from 50 inches of snow in 6 days. The region is barely moving.

Happiness is a good stick:



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Too funny, Lou. What's it take for a Basset Hound to bottom out - a few inches? lol. When I was a kid one of my responsibilities at my first paying job (65 cents / hour) was to care for Claudia - the original Hush Puppy dog - no kiddin' - I love Basset Hounds.

Alan, those are some beautiful pics. I haven't seen that much snow for a long while - thankfully. It looks like even the Great Danes are bottoming out in you neighborhood! And frosticles . . . ouch - poor pupper.

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ROFL!!! Lou, we're sorry.... This is ALL Dustin's fault!!!!

Aside from loving the whole environment of George Washington University, the climate of DC appealed to him MUCH more than the icy slush of Beacon St. at BU (His final 2 choices...)

A few weeks ago, when our temps were down to single digits, he was calling to say how nice it was down there.... He shouldn't oughta done that...... LOL

I remember "frosticles!!!" We had an English Setter during the blizzard of '78!!

I imagine, it's much easier on a "girl dog" though..... LOL

We had a Tammy Faye snow...

1 inch of base and 2 inches of powder

Hell, we didn't even get that!!!

Next week is school vacation for the NE yuppy states (Mass, Conn, NY)

Our ski areas are probably worried...

David... Go for altitude!!! I have Cloudcroft on my "retirement location" list!!! ;)

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Okay...I did it. I just beat down that snowman in my neighbors yard. I couldn't take that thing smiling at me anymore. It's been staring at me for days now.It's all your fault Galen. I was okay until I saw the sun. Ric? Mean is not the word I'd choose right now. I stomped that snow creature pretty hard. I think my neighbors are afraid of me. I really can't take much more of this...

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