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What The ??????

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Not the commercial-----its the real deal,,,,

Dollar general,bunches of pansies-----$2.00

Staw hat at a local WV yardsale-----25 cents

Goodwill dress------$4.00

Some assembly required,,,wear it to a marble run,,,,,,,Priceless!!!

Thats as "real" as it gets,right there,,,,yah know?

Minni Griffeena Pearl-----------HOWDY!!!!!!!!


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OMG!!!!!There are 3 people crying right now in Paden City,WV with that follow up,Alan.

Minni Griffeena Pearl,accomplished her,uh,,his,,,no no,"ITS",mission.Minni,told me,that the response,on arrival,was above and beyond what was hoped for.

Unfortunatly,Minni has returned to the mother land,probaby never to be seen again.

Minni left me the dress and hat to remember,the day.Dont ask me how that happened.Please,please,dont ask----LOL


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Great run,nice marbles and unforgetable memories. Lots of pictures,mine alone about 400,many more of Miss Sprinkles. The Ladies did a wonderful job. Each one of them had a turn or turns at all the jobs,even sprinkles.They were tired but they did it,right up to filling the last box. My hat is off to the Ladies,WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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I had to go out and buy some hardware,to recover some of my man power!

Everyone is lucky,cause I had the "daisy Dukes" get up,in my hands,at good will.It wa going to be,stage 2,under the "Minni" look.I put it back because my intention was for fun,,,,,,and not the highly probable,puke fest that might have occured!

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