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I guess I'm a trouble maker, killermarbles. I can't pick just one marble. I love all marbles except antique hand mades. I don't talk bad about them and I love looking at them, but I don't collect them.

I have some individual favorites of every marble company. I'm posting favorite Akro Agates here. Won't bore you with a bunch, just 6 pics.


blackcorks2.jpg I like the green and black ones a lot.


I like these really old ones. Love displaying marbles in boxes in my marble cabinets.


Sparklers are favorites


And I like purple corks, especially purple/yellow and purple/green.

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I can't pick one favorite Peltier either. So here are my most favorites.

christmastrees.jpg Christmas Trees

dragons.jpg Flaming Dragons

peltierpeewee.jpgpeltierpeewee2.jpg Two peewees

raymond27sgoldenrebels.jpg Golden Rebels that used to belong to Raymond Anderson. They are not mine either. But i used the pic in a Texas Marble Collector's Newsletter and it's nice to dream!

supermen.jpg Supermen

superman2Cspiderman2Ccitris2Cdragon2Cgoldenrebel2Cweirdrainbo.jpg And several more of my Peltier favorites. That lowly golden rebel is mine and the rainbow next to it has the same colors. I like that.

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