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Alley Book Completed Finished Ready For Sale


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After many request. The Alley book is published and ready for sale. Details how to purchase below in following post of pictures. The book took a lot of time and effort. It contains 144 pages with color photos. It contains detailed Alley family history and items produced. Including marbles,dishes,game pieces,glass animals,etc. It is not a book of all or only Alley marbles. It does not contain a marble price guide. The values change to much to be accurate. With this book you can gain more appreciation for Alley marbles and things he produced. Order direct from Larry Alley with info below.



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Opened mine today and Wow! it is far more than I had been told. I love it. I was warned that it wasn't a marble book. It IS a marble book and a history book, and lots of pictures. I love the family history included, all of the pictures, the beautiful marbles. I love the pictures of the old factory sites. I love that Mr. Alley included himself in the book, he took the time to do a Marble Buddies run with us, and he worked alongside of us. And he pictured some of our marble run and even the members of the Marble Buddies. Thank you Lawrence Alley III for all your work, and I especially like the way you told the story of your family.

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Some feedback about my book that I have received:

Hi Larry: Received the book this morning. Very fast International shipping time and very attractive covers. I scanned the book content very fast and was extremely pleased with what I saw. Pictures are extremely clear. One of, if not the best, books on marbles that I have ever seen. I will certainly read it cover to cover as soon as I can, and, will probably read it at least twice (you always miss something important first time around). You have to be congratulated on the knowledge, dedication, foresight and planning that it took to produce such an excellent masterpiece on Alley Agate products and all that it entails. Sincere thanks also for autographing it for me. It will always be one of my most treasured books on marbles. I am a very happy collector. Sincere best regards and have a great day, Bob ___ (in Ontario, Canada )

Hi Larry, What a FABULOUS BOOK !!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much......I will be talking up your book up with glass friends for certain!!!!!!!! You covered it ALL when it comes to ALLEY AGATE GLASS......I hope the book adds many collectors of ALLEY AGATE to help preserve all the interesting things they produced.....Best wishes, Albert____ “Akro-Al” (in Lowell, MA)

Al ___ let me look at his copy. I guess I'll need one for myself. Tom ___ (in Wilmington, MA)

I received your book last Friday and spent some time this weekend going through it. It's a really good book. I was surprised at the photos of the stemware you included. Over the 40 years I've been buying and selling glassware I had so many people bring me stemware with similar style of cuttings and I had no specific answer for them, just check so-and-so. So here is another company I can mention.
Many thanks for telling the story of another glass manufacturer, one that was seriously overdue, so more of the "unknowns" can be identified. Roni ___ (in Lansing, MI)

Books available at: http://alley-agate.webs.com/
I was pleased with the accurate color reproduction that the printer achieved. Larry Alley

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