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Been searching for years for the perfect display case. Lucked out big time today when I found this in a local Antique store. Each drawer even has a glass front with area behind the glass to put marbles! Can't wait to get to cleaning and fixing it up!!!



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The base even has a drawer(missing knobs) which will be perfect for the game marble boxes. It cost less than the last nice striped transparent I bought from Dani! The white strips are cardboard someone has inserted. They fit on top of a row of dowels. I will try and find some velvet or felt to replace the cardboard strips.

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I have an antique print tray found in an antiques shop that held many marbles. I set it on top of a cabinet I was using for marble photography supplies and always meant to get a plexiglass top made for it. Now that I've sold most of the marbles it held, I'll be putting it out in a garage sale. Finding the perfect display case for marbles is a lucky thing indeed.

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