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Black Banana Cat's Eyes


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I think I have some foreign ones. So I know not _all_ would be Master. So of course my question is specially about the American-made ones. Which I like to think I can identify by the color of the base glass.

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The only black bananas I have are in very bubbly glass, so I've been keeping them with my Bogards. I haven't seen one with the bubble-free glass typical of Pelt bananas.

I have some of the brown ones too, and one odd gray-blue, all in the bubbly glass. And the bananas themselves are not solid opaque like most Pelts. I'm not entirely comfortable calling them translucent. Maybe semi-translucent? Combined with the bubbly base glass, it makes them look a little . . . fuzzy, or something. I seem to remember that something about them was mentioned in the Castle & Peterson cat's-eye book. I'll check tonight.

:dunno: I have no clue about the black banana in your post, Steph! The base glass looks too clear to be like the ones I have.

Oh. And if there IS such a thing as a Pelt black banana, I WANT ONE.

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I bought a dozen or so black banana marbles from Ebay seller rothbob years ago. They were all loaded with aventurine - exactly as he described them in the listing. They're awesome marbles in a good clear glass.
However, they don't have the same shape as my Peltier bananas - they're a bit fatter and wider.
I'll look in my cases and see if I have any other black banana shaped marbles. I doubt I'll find any but it will give me an excuse to put off washing the supper dishes.

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Well, surprise on me. Rummaging around in my cat's-eye box for the black ones I came across one that looks like the one in your photo, Steph -- very clear glass, color really a very deep purple when back-lighted. But then when I looked at the poles, I discovered it was really three-vaned, so not a banana at all. The vane glass is so dark you can't distinguish the vanes at all unless you look at the poles. So another mystery black cat.

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Great thread. I have never seen a peltier black banana in an original bag. The closest one i've seen is this one posted at joemarbles.com, and it appears a shade of lavender? Maybe one has been found at the peltier site?

Ima_ddicted, i would love to see photos of the cats with aventurine.


This one is a clear brown banana that i believe is peltier but not found in an original bag.


I believe Chad's cats eye to be a master. Here is a bag i recently opened of master cats eyes (apologies to the bag enthusiasts).


These 7 black/purple cats were inside. Of the 7, 4 have peltier like banana veins, some with bubbles and some without.


This is a close up of the bubbly one.


This group of black/purple cats were also pulled from original master glass bags. Some have champagne glass, some light blue glass.


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It has been noted that the black bananas seem to be a little fuzzy, in a way which sets them apart from typical Peltier bananas. To me that -- and the bag evidence -- are what put the black bananas in the Master's camp.

I think Master made the marbles in their cat eye bags.

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