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Interesting lot of Handmades


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An interesting lot just went through UK Ebay sold for  $1060 US the listing has been deleted but i saved the pictures as i have never really seen a group like this and thought i would share 











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Oh I love old cloth marble bags .I wish I had rescued my father's before he decided it was too ragged and threw it away.  I would have found a way to display it forever.  Just didn't think of it in time. 


Oh, yes the marbles are sweet too!

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4 hours ago, jten said:

If you belong to facebook join the antique german marbles forum. Cover your keyboard you may drool all over it or fall right over if you are not sitting.


Thanks Jten yes im on there and i do a lot of drooling especially on 5 for Friday


Hi Galen yes i see what your saying and the thought did cross my mind but to be honest i think the glass looks old. these guys are maybe to small as well ?

i guesstimate the couple in question at 11/16   

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Man they are even better than i imagined & Congratulations on winning them

i so much wanted to bid on these but knew there were going to go above what i can afford to put on the shelf ATM so getting to see them after i thought they were gone forever im stoked to get a close up look

So Very much appreciated you taking the time to put these pictures up 

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