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Happy Birthday Griff


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Its been a good one,so far.My rule is if its in the middle of the week,I get to celebrate all week!Now where did I put that Baileys?

Lets see,winter fishing could be a trout stream,2 blocks from my house,or 1 mile.

Theres always the optional,5 hours north,salmon river,in NY,for steelhead and browns.

Dont want to forget the third option,2and1/2,east to the coast.The stripers are in Atlantic,City.


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NO NO NO!!!There only 3 kinds of cake in my world.Cheese cake,german chocolate,and chocolate with peanut butter icing.

I like my salmon cakes to be "cake less".Thats all fillet,and no fillers.

I did the buffet thing.3 plates of sushi,2 crab leg pyramids,and 2 of off the hot bar.

Hey Ron,the flash burns went away in 2 days.I thoughT I got a little tan,but it turned out to be dirt!-LOL.

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