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A Small Summary Scott Patrick


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i first learned to make marbles in cambridge ohio, from richard anderson. richard was an old man when i met him, he had numerous jobs at different glass companies, cambridge glass co, degenhart, mosser glass,boyd glass. he had alot of stories about the christensen agate company. he even took me a tour of the old factory sites. i went home and practice, practice, practiced.i learned to make marbles from practice. after making the old machine made types, i wanted to venture into making cane marbles. i made an attempt, at my home to make cane marbles. a very few cane marbles were made and i realized that i wasnt equipted to make them at home.

boyd miller asked me to come to tamarack studio in west virginia, as he was the lead glass producer at tamarack. i went, not knowing what to expect. i was soon off to a new race, glass marble cane making. over the years i produced many marble cane in west virginia from different types of glass.

a series of medical complications stopped me from making any marbles until 2013. my mind was always on making glass marbles.

in 2013 i visited canal fulton glassworks and talked with brian graham about renting studio time from him, he agreed at 200 dollars a day. i had found a place to rekindle my marble making. grueling travel, motel stays and crummy food, was still in the mix. 200 a day soon added up to 500 a day. times really have changed and so have the prices. as you can see from the pics, a youthful marble maker to an aging marblemaker



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after rethinking, the best machine made marbles made in cambridge, west virginia is home to the largest number of marble makers/companies in the usa, and finally akro agates were made really close to canal fulton. may be a magical journey?

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steph,not sure which avatar that was.

mc, right-on.

ric, thanxs for the compliment. it makes me think i need to update my car alarm as you were pouncing in the parking lot, j/k

griff, thanxs for the vote of confidence. im a skinny young guy trapped in a fatmans old body.

mibs, thanxs for the compliment, there are some scott patrick mibs on ebay, enjoy

bocci, well that may be an imposter

mike, i think the word might be infamous, i did find my trukey!

ron, was glad to see you as well, youve really got them moving on west virginia marbles

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Love your new stuff scott(thanks again!)

If you really want to lure Dale your way, he collects cool ornate accordians, N.W. indian baskets and blankets, old kids books and lunch pails! LOL

Dale signs a lot of stuff, but i don't believe he makes much himself these days. all done in his studios. :-)

We even have a chihuly McDonalds here. seriously!

here's chihuly bridge, and crystal towers... our home town..leads to the museum of Glass.


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