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Ebay Auction...what Am I Missing?


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I notice one im curious about i dont think its any thing special just an odd ball to me probably 8th picture touching the german handmade tan colour looks a bit different with the white stripes going at right angles to the Seam

Cant say seen that before

Is That a bit unusual ??

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I'm assuming zaboo is serious about the tin.

Although I utilized it in making an overall joke

about the auction, I really like it too. (You have

to scroll down to see the good pictures of it.)

To me the graphics have a sort of 'secret society'

look to them. Very neat. ( :

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totally serious about the tin! we have, besides other collections, a fairly nice little tin collection (collecting is a sickness!)

and that tin is awesome! Gnome, if you can find me that tin for 10-12 I would be amazed and grateful!!

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