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Mfc's Anyone?


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My first wild marble lot included a scalped 1" brown MFC. I remember the feeling of mystery and history when I saw it, because it was so much different and older looking that the machinemades in the lot. Despite its missing 1/4" of its glass on one pole, I still have it today, although I confess it is rolling around the back yard for the kids to play with.

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It used to bug me that Persian was misspelled in a couple of the marble books as Persion.

Actually, there are "two spellings for "Persian" found on MFC boxes . . . there are a few where the word is misspelled "Persion." But it's not a different kind of marble. It's just a spelling booboo." (ann said that, but I think I have seen a picture of the misspelling.

cheers, Kurt

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