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Joker Three Run Completed


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:cool-smileys-262: MORE JABO MAGIC! :cool-smileys-262:

JOKER Three RUN is completed. All interested contact ED PARSON.

I have heard this run was a major success. Judging by recent runs these marbles got to be HOT.

A lot of NICE stuff rolling off the Jabo machines.

Pics coming soon.

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Pretty marbles, Who is signing them?, I can't help but notice the move towards making them look more vintage. Can't wait to read the boards 5 years from now.

ID Question: I just bought a group at an antique store(substitute Ebay)because it had this beautiful looking marble in it. I paid pretty good money for the group. I hope it is old.

Answer: Sorry newbie. Thats a Jabo latter run marble. They made millions a few years back. Hope you didn't pay too much for them. They were selling in groups for a couple bucks each in 2010, even most of the first types. You can get most now for a quarter or so.

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Knowledge is power, and in five years if you can't id a Jabo Joker, you should have paid closer attention. The books are out there, and I am sure these will be in a book somewhere in five years, or sooner. What's there to worry about? I can't, I refuse to believe that suddenly wise collectors will come out of the woodwork with bleeding hearts to console new collectors because they purchased a marble thinking, or hoping it was something it really isn't. That's laughable.

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I read a book once!

Not all of it though?

Just the part where COMIC marbles were worth $90.00 +

Armed with this info. I went to a flea market.

There were Comic marbles almost at every vendor.

All were 3/4 in,

Some were $65.00 +

My head was spinning,Like a kid in a candy store,

with too much money & not enough knowledge.

To make a short story longer.

I managed to talk one vendor into selling me

9 Comic marbles at $10.00 each.

Now, the not all of it part.

First let me say all I saw was $$$$ signs.

After my purchase. I raced home to look up

all of the different characters I had gotten.

To my amazment the Comic marbles listed in the

book were most all 5/8 in.

Also at the beginning of the book there was

this little thing called A REPO ALERT!!!!!!!


Too much money too little knowledge will cost you.

Sometime when you have more time.

I'll tell you about the Handmades that were

really fiberglass ingots caper.

Too soon old & too late smart.

I like the Jabos BTW>


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Pretty marbles, Who is signing them?

Wow, I think David should feel very complemented with a statement as such.

And, don't forget... In ten years it will be the young collectors that push the price of these absolutely fantastic marbles right through the sky. I for one plan on having one of the very best Jabo collections till my dying day. :)

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thank you,,, still in the design phase,,, all i want is to win a prize, but very doubtful that i will, the problem im having is getting good quality single marble shots, i tried to cut out of bo's group but the cut is turning out to over focused or blocky cuts, some of them are my mibs some are of what peeps have posted, hey its a win win if your an invester in these runs, if i win, lololol :) ,ms mopar yes, bj

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