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Vitro Sparkler Brushed Oxblood Popeye


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Just when you thought your Vitro tri-lite was, at best, superior, word magic induces a money-fed frenzy of imagination which creates the Vitro Sparkler Brushed Oxblood Popeye which, according to the description:


The hand brushed Oxblood patch, in this case the Vitro signature was added to the finished surface by hand and a final layer of glass covers all. 


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2 minutes ago, Steph said:

Oooooooooh!   That's GORGEOUS!  You're so lucky, Bumblebee!   Did you find it in the wild?

Thanks. This was from an extremely limited run at the Vitro factory as they could only afford the Flemish oxblood brush artist for one day. Also, sticking the live sparkler inside the glass right before it hit the rollers was tricky and dangerous, and rarely worked as intended. Furthermore, there was only one cobra (a juvenile) in the state of WV that year, and they ran out of cobra within a couple dozen marbles. As for popeye, it was said one of the glass workers read the funnies every morning and kept them in his overalls pocket, and during this run the folded funnies--with the Popeye strip on the front--fell into the glass furnace.

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Have to add a 'thumb up' here for the admirably insane Alan and bumblebee!

People who can creatively and humorously think 'outside the box' like this are the ones who

will ultimately save the world from mutually assured self destruction and other

similarly ridiculous things.  ( :  

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this guy is quite serious.... i sent him the link to this thread.... here's his response

New message from: bybytoys (1,124Red Star)


Made in Vienna some time prior to the 1945 move to Pittsburg.
called Tri lites three color.
I believe the Peltiers teamed up with the Vitro family and shared secrets until the Peltier brothers moved out and opened there own company in the United States.

Although mine all clearly have a least 4 colors and the added patch.
None of the Tri lites pictures below have the added patch and last extra clear layer.
See if you can expand the picture below.
Thanks very much.

Details about item: sirmarble sent a message about Vitro Sparkler Brushed Oxblood Popeye 6 Color Marble #1 of 6 #272129149486



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As we all know there was never any Vitro family. The company was owned by Art Fisher. Not a family. The Vitro Company was never ever anywhere near Pittsburg PA. I live near the old Vienna and Parkersburg WV Vitro Agate factories and will give him a tour and history lesson. We will have to get through the homeless people. Plus Peltier was making marbles long before the very first ever Vitro marble was made. Someone should donate him a marble book even a simple beginners one. Or a wore out one.  If he will contact me and pay the shipping ? I will donate him a book if he promises to never list a marble on ebay  or anyplace again this badly. It makes marble collectors look bad. This listing has to be a joke ! 

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Because of this listing and thread, I propose we adopt a new term in our community for listings of this type: VSBOP

VSBOP listing : An eBay listing of marbles outrageously misidentified and overpriced by a seller who mixes marble knowledge with imagination to create a chimera and who, even when gently corrected by experienced collectors, continues to stand firm in his convictions and knowledge and fantasy.

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