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Vitro lovers look here 🥰


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20 hours ago, Berryb said:

Ok alot of those look like Rainbos to me. Can someone tell me how to tell the difference. Then I get to go thru my jars again (always lookin' for an excuse). Thanks


Hi Bruce, Rainbos usually have four or six ribbons running seam to seam. Vitros can sometimes look a bit like them but are not usually as symmetrical. Having said that, some of the ribbons on Rainbos can get pretty wild - to the point where its sort of hard to tell there really are four or six. Beyond that, colors are usually a very good clue, as are the shape of the seams - there is usually at least one sort of weak "S"-shaped seam on Rainbos - not so common on Vitros.

Here are some Peltier Rainbos:


And some Vitros, for comparison:


I hope this helps. But beyond that, like Rooster said, study and sort, study and sort . . . it'll take some effort, but you'll get there eventually!

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Those purples are cool. I'll have to look and see if I have anything like those - it seems unlikely, since I don't think I would forget them. And that is a great display! I have always liked those orange/yellow/mossy ones.

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