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Vitro lovers look here 🥰


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Well I finally started collecting Vitro's. I picked up 2 opals, a buttermilk a bunch of yellow jackets and a few helmets, green face, black face, red face  a blue face and one a kind of yellow, before this I had a really nice trilite and some blackies stuffed away in a jar. All I have is a pic of the trilite for now. Resembles a cler face helmet with red, white, blue & yellow stripes, Oop I just seen some old helmet pics also, these are my old ones, I don't believe I have them anymore ??






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2 hours ago, Ric said:

This is a dandy marble. I have a general rule . . . if you find a Tri-lite with good black on it - keep it! They aren't that easy to come by.

At one time it was the only vitro I owned, it sits at the head of the pack right now, I have never seen another like it, the closest to black was the black face helmets. I just started on some Vitro's, an opal, buttermilk , helmets of every color, I lucked out & found someone who wanted to sell so I kinda cherry picked, but I paid what they were worth, so a fair deal.

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The overlooked Vitro Tomato marbles. They can be 7/8 inch or 5/8 inch. In normal light they look like a common red game marble. They are translucent red and orange with a pattern and some you can find the cut lines. They were used as game marbles, in Vitro jewelry , etc. 

DSC07540.JPG.6b27199ef901e637ba8ead3b23c5f32d.JPGDSC07542.JPG.dbe0c2bf699e09bdec85565c50dc9f42.JPG DSC07544.JPG.b6357b1fa79a9a2c75275b6b55cbb80d.JPGDSC07546.JPG.809dfd2f704dde802c29214d53e2272b.JPGDSC07553.JPG.83b1906e85c0cd832ab26263555db7e6.JPG 

5/8 inch below. They will look more solid red in hand. DSC07549.JPG.a143b133fc57565fe99de8ecefa3a803.JPGDSC07553.JPG.83b1906e85c0cd832ab26263555db7e6.JPGDSC07552.JPG.b4880f14c1b22ae6340a8bb609378ac6.JPG

Box of Vitro Large 7/8 inch size game marbles and the board which required the 7/8 marbles. I know of four of these boards. 


The Vitro Tomato marbles are overlooked 99% of the time. Even game marbles can be collectible. 


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Another very hard to find Vitro marble is the Alligator Eye. The first ones noticed showed up about three years ago.  Several sold for $100.00 each or more. They are about 5/8 and a clear base. 


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